Graduate Certificate Admissions

Enrolling in a Graduate Certificate program allows you to take three graduate certificate courses as a stand-alone credential or as a complementary credential to a degree program.  If you are planning to use these courses towards the Master’s of Educational Technology (MAET) degree, we encourage you to apply directly to the MAET program.

Depending on your affiliation with Michigan State University the application process varies.

If you are actively enrolled as a graduate student at Michigan State University, please follow process A [see below].

If you are not yet enrolled in a graduate program at Michigan State University, please follow process B [see below].

Before you apply, please verify your eligibility.

Teacher Education Intern Alumni: Students who earned their Education Bachelor’s Degree from the MSU College of Education may be eligible to transfer in up to nine credits from their internship year if they choose to enter directly into our Master of Arts in Educational Technology Program. Please consult with MAET before applying if you may be interested in the full MAET and would like to learn more about your program plan options. *5th year internship credits cannot be counted towards a graduate certificate only, as the three required courses must be taken as-is.

Non-Michigan Residents: State Authorization for Online Programs

Michigan State University is obligated to comply with state authorization laws regarding distance education. Because of these laws, residents of some US states are not eligible to apply to online programs at MSU. For a full review of state-by-state authorization laws, please review this summary document before you apply to an online program at MSU.

A) Already in a Degree Program at MSU?

Individuals currently enrolled in a graduate degree granting program at Michigan State University who wish to take graduate certificate courses should consult with their academic advisor before applying to our Graduate Certificate programs. Degree candidates can opt to apply earned Graduate Certificate courses toward the requirements for their degree. However, your advisor can help you determine special considerations (e.g., number of shared credits that you’re using toward your degree) that apply to your individual program plan.

Information about your eligibility can also be found in the Second, Dual or Joint Degree Section of the University Academic Programs Catalogue.


For admission to the Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology or the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning, all MSU degree candidates must:

Step 1: Complete the Intent to Enroll form for your program of choice.
If you have any questions while completing the form, please contact our program advisor, Angelica Kim at akim at

  • Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology: 6736 [form]
  • Online Teaching and Learning: 6762 [form]
  • K12 Computer Science Education: 6787 [form]

Step 2: We will process your Intent to Enroll form and will notify you if there are any questions.

B) New Applicant to Michigan State University?

Step 1: Complete University Application.

  • Choose Graduate Certificate.
  • Complete the application by entering all information requested.
  • Indicate your major code:
    • Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology: 6736
    • Online Teaching and Learning: 6762
    • K12 Computer Science Education: 6787

Step 2: Pay the $65 fee for domestic applicants or $75 fee for international applicants.

Step 3: Submit Official Transcripts.

For Applicants who have attended institutions in the USA, transcripts can arrive in two official ways:

(a) In a sealed envelope mailed directly from your institution to:

Maria Serrato
Program Assistant, MAET & Graduate Certificates
Michigan State University
Erickson Hall
620 Farm Lane; Room 513
East Lansing, MI 48824-1034

(b) As an e-mail from the institutions registrar’s office. E-transcripts should be emailed to

Applicants who attended institutions outside of the United States must have their transcripts mailed directly to the MAET Program Assistant in an envelope that is officially stamped and sealed by the University Registrar’s office. E-transcripts cannot be accepted from international institutions.

NOTE: Students who completed their undergraduate degree at Michigan State University do not need to submit official MSU transcripts to apply to our Graduate Certificate programs. Transcripts from all other institutions must, however, be submitted.

What happens next?

You will receive an e-mail from the Office of Admissions ( thanking you for submitting your application. The e-mail will reference the Graduate Education Student Portal as a way to submit additional material for your application. As an applicant to a Graduate Certificate Program, you will not need to upload any supporting materials, but you are free to visit the portal if you wish.

Important Information For Bilingual and Multilingual Applicants

Applicants for whom English is not their first language are required to submit proof of English language Proficiency before their application can be processed. A common method is the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The test must have been taken within two years of the application. On the Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT), the university requires a minimum score of 80 with no subscore below 19 for reading, listening, and speaking and no writing subscore below 22.  No international candidates will be considered for admission review until they have taken the TOEFL test and achieved these required scores or higher. Results should be sent electronically directly from ETS. Michigan State’s school code is 1465.

If the student has completed a degree program in an English speaking country, he or she can request a waiver of the TOEFL requirement. Once the program admissions committee is convinced of the student’s English language skills based on past program completion and other evidence, it will ask the university to waive the requirement. This waiver is usually granted, but the university may require the student to take the English proficiency test upon arrival at MSU.

Special Instructions for Transcripts from Chinese Institutions

All applicants pursuing or who have earned degrees from universities in China submit not only transcripts and graduation certificates from China, but must also obtain verification of these documents from the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC).

CDGDC operates underneath the Ministry of Education for the purpose of verifying the authenticity of transcripts and degrees granted at the post-secondary level.

The process is straightforward:

  • Applicants send copies of their official documents to the CDGDC along with payment (approximately $40 U.S.).
  • Applicants must request that the original transcript accompany the CDGDC verified documents when sent to MSU.
  • CDGDC verifies grades and degrees (depending on what is requested) by accessing national and provincial databases and contacting universities directly.
  • CDGDC then sends the report and verified documents, via courier service, directly to Michigan State University. The report is in English and provides a statement noting what degree was conferred and whether the university and program is recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

If you need more information about CDGDC please refer to the website:

When Should I Apply?

We admit students to Graduate Certificate Programs on a rolling basis which means you can submit your application at any time. It takes approximately one month to process applications to our Graduate Certificate Programs in Online Teaching & Learning  and Educational Technology.

Our Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology courses run on an accelerated schedule, so there are two admissions deadlines for this program each semester.

Desired Start
Graduate Certificate Program
Apply Before
Ed Tech
Online Teaching & Learning
August 15
Mid-Fall Ed Tech only
October 1
Ed Tech
Online Teaching & Learning
December 15
Ed Tech Only
February 25
Ed Tech
Online Teaching & Learning
April 25
Ed Tech Only
June 15

 PLEASE NOTE: Admission to either of the Graduate Certificate programs is separate and distinct from other graduate programs within MSU’s Educational Technology Program, and from all other graduate programs offered at Michigan State University. Acceptance into the one of the Graduate Certificate programs does not qualify an individual for admission into any other graduate degree program.