CEP 810

Teaching for Understanding with Technology

As the first course in both the Educational Technology Certificate (ETC) and Master’s in Educational Technology (MAET) programs, CEP 810 introduces five foundational topics that are essential for advanced study:

(a) theories of learning and understanding,

(b) essential mindsets for teaching with technology,

(c ) professional learning networks,

(d) Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK), and

(e) creative uses of technologies for learning.

Readings and assignments are designed to support the development of knowledge and technology integration skills so that, by the end of this course, students are better equipped to use a wider range of technologies in their work in thoughtful ways.


By the end of this course, students will have:


  • Foundational theories in the learning sciences,  technology integration and digital culture, including, most notably, TPACK

  • Key mindsets and dispositions that will enable students to embrace the complexities of advanced problem solving in a digital world

  • To do something they have always wanted to do — using only YouTube and Help Forums for support

  • Policies and practices that enable fair use of copyrighted material in the classroom

  • Strategies for integrating a range of technologies in ways that support student learning and professional practice


  • The affordances and constraints of range of technologies for teaching and learning

  • The possibilities of participatory culture

  • Their Personal Learning Network (PLN)

  • Technologies to support workflow


  • An essay that summarizes what they understand about learning and understanding

  • A professional blog/portfolio space where their work is saved and therefore documented, but also showcased so that others can appreciate their skills, commitment to excellence and growth as a reflective practitioner

  • A more extensive PLN using digital tools

  • A  lesson plan that engages students in advanced inquiry processes and problem-based learning on the web

  • A single change in workflow supported by a new technology

  • A TPACK video

  • A video that documents what they have learned from YouTube and/or Help Forums


  • Their work openly on the web and with their PLN

  • Responses to colleagues’ work in ways that support the development of an open, thoughtful and reflective community of educational professionals