Frequently Asked Questions

…by applicants to the Certificate Program

When and where is the program taught?

We are proud to offer many choices in the delivery mode of the certificate courses. Whether you opt for the the fully online courses offered year-round, the summer cohort on campus , or the summer cohort overseas, we have an option that works for you! Click here for the latest schedule. If you have a group of people who are interested in a face-to-face course, and you want to propose a course location, please email edutech at or call 517-432-9259 for more information.

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When is the deadline for applying?

Most applicants apply directly to the Master’s in Educational Technology degree program. We accept applications on a rolling basis. Deadlines are always the first day or the first working day of a month (e.g., January 2nd, February 1 if it’s a work day) but applications must be received one month prior to the start of classes. To start in Fall semester, therefore, applications must be received by the August deadline for admission to the degree. To start in Spring, applications must be received by December 1. Visit the MAET Admissions page to apply.

Students can apply directly to the Certificate program as Lifelong Learners as well. This type of application does not guarantee admission to the degree program, but can be submitted up to one week before classes start. If space is still permitted we may accept applications after this one week deadline, however students may not gain access to the online course materials until the application has been processed. Visit the Certificate Program’s Admissions page to apply.

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Does the certificate lead to school or state certification?

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion from the College of Education indicating that they have achieved a satisfactory level of knowledge about and experience with many of the applications of technology in education. Students do not gain certification from the state or any other organization by completing the certificate program. However, these three courses are part of the Educational Technology Endorsement (NP) course requirements. Participants will need to complete an additional 4 courses in order to obtain the endorsement. In addition, the credits may be applicable for participants who need to earn graduate credits for their professional licensure.

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Are these credits applicable to the Master’s and/or PhD Programs?

Yes! All the courses in the certificate program are regular master’s level courses which can seamlessly transfer into the Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree program. In addition, these credits may be applicable to the Doctoral Program in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology. Be sure to consult with your adviser for more information.

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Can I take some of the courses face-to-face and some of the courses online?

Yes! You can take any of the courses face-to-face or online. Currently our face-to-face classes are offered in an accelerated summer cohort. So… may want to start with taking CEP 810, CEP 811 and CEP 812 in the online format, and then move into the summer cohort for the next three classes. For more information about accelerated summer cohort options in E. Lansing and overseas, please visit the MAET Summer Cohort page.

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I am from out-of-state. Can I take the certificate courses?

Yes! The certificate and Master’s programs are offered online which makes them available to anyone.

Our face-to-face courses are offered in an accelerated summer cohort in E. Lansing, and in an overseas location (visit our Overseas page for more information). We can also bring the face-to-face courses to your location if you have a group of 20 or more teachers that are interested in taking it.

Visit our tuition page for the most up to date information on in-state, out of state, and online tuition fees.

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What are the products of the course sequence?

Throughout the three course sequence, students develop an online portfolio of their own work in the applications of technology in training and instruction. Many students have found this portfolio to be very useful for hiring or promotion purposes. To see current samples of student work in CEP810, 811 and 812, follow our hashtags on Twitter: #CEP810, #CEP811 and #CEP812.

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If I am taking this course online, do I have to pay for student health insurance?

Effective fall 2012/2013, newly admitted students will be required to inform the university whether or not they have insurance, but will not be auto enrolled or billed as a result of information provided. Students will receive an email in early fall with instructions for how to report student insurance information. For more information, please visit the Student Insurance Requirements page.

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Can all three courses be taken at once?

The first three courses of the Certificate Program are sequential, and are not intended to be taken simultaneously. The only time that this happens is in our East Lansing (and Overseas) Summer Cohorts. If you are interested in taking our courses, we recommend that they be taken in a sequential order. There are times that students do take two courses in one semester – however, that is because our courses are 8-week accelerated courses, and therefore two can be taken in the same semester with very little overlap.

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I am an international student, and am interested in your program. Does it qualify me for a student visa?

Our courses are offered  fully online, or in hybrid formats. If you are an international applicant, please note that the Educational Technology Certificate Program does not fulfill the academic requirements to apply for a J-1 visa.   The Master’s in Educational Technology Degree and Certificate courses during the fall and spring semesters are only offered online, thus, admission to the program would not qualify you for a student visa.

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