Times and Locations

If you have not yet filled out an application to apply to the Graduate Certificate Program in Educational Technology or to the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning, please visit our Certificate Application Page to learn more about the application process.

If you have already applied to a Graduate Certificate Program and wish to take online classes, you can enroll yourself through the MSU Schedule Builder.

Summer Hybrid Cohort and Overseas students should contact Maria Serrato at serratom at msu.edu or by calling (517) 432-9259 to enroll.

Times and Locations for Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology Courses

Here is a list of current and upcoming dates and locations for our Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology courses. Online, these courses (CEP 810, CEP 811 and CEP 812) run for seven weeks. Hybrid summer programs have program-specific timelines. All online courses are run in Desire2Learn (http://d2l.msu.edu)


Spring 2018

January 8 – February 25 (Section #731)
March 12 – April 29 (Section #733)

Summer 2018

May 14 – June 28 (Section #731)
July 2 – August 16 (Section #733)

East Lansing Summer Hybrid Cohort
On Campus at MSU: Monday, July 9 through Friday, July 20 (Weekends Excluded)
Online: Saturday, July 21 through Thursday, August 16
Back for Final Celebration Day at MSU: Friday, August 17

Hyrbid 2018 Reservation Form

Overseas Summer Cohort
NUI Galway, Galway Ireland
June 24 – July 20, 2018
(Opening reception is June 24, last day of class is July 20th. We recommend that you book departure flights on June 23rd and return flights should be booked for July 21st.)

Overseas 2018 Reservation Form

*The First Year Summer Cohorts in E. Lansing and in Galway, Ireland earn all three courses that comprise the Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology.

Times and Locations for Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning Certificate Courses

The Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning includes CEP 820, CEP 813, and CEP 817. These are semester-long courses and follow the regular MSU academic calendar unless indicated otherwise. All courses run in Desire 2 Learn, (http://d2l.msu.edu) unless the instructor informs students directly of another arrangement.

Visit the MSU Schedule of Courses to view and enroll in courses for the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching & Learning.

Course Cancellation
The Department reserves the right to cancel a course for which there is insufficient enrollment. Notification of cancellation is normally provided at least a week before a course is set to begin. Paid tuition and registration fees will be refunded for a course that is cancelled by the Department.