Frequently Asked Questions

…by applicants to the EPET Ph.D. program

Anyone reading this page with questions in mind should first review the Admissions page that describes the process of and answers questions related to application to CEPSE and the EPET program. The questions and answers below augment that description of the application process.

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Are there special requirements for international applications?

Do I have to take GRE's?

Do I need to request a transcript from MSU for courses taken at MSU as a part of my application?

Do I need to submit the form for letters of reference listed on the grad school application site?

Do you have advice for the goals statement?

Do you have advice for the writing sample?

How long after I apply will I know if I am accepted?

If I already have a degree from MSU, how do I apply?

Is a master's in education or another field required for application?

What are the educational requirements for admission to the program?

What are the important application deadlines?

What minimum GRE scores are required for application to the program?

What other experiences are either required or important for admission to the program?

Tuition and Costs

How can I go about requesting financial aid?

Is housing provided for the on-campus classes?

What is the total cost of the program?

What is the tuition cost per credit?

What level of financial support is provided to applicants who are admitted to the program?

Program Questions

A good Ph.D. program fosters rich interaction between students and research faculty. Is this true of the Hybrid program? If so, how does it work?

Can I transfer credits from another program or institution into the EPET degree program?

How can I get access to research publications and other library resources given that I won't be on the MSU campus during most of this program?

How do students get connected with a faculty advisor for this program?

How many credits do I need to graduate?

Interaction with fellow students is an important part of the Ph.D. experience. How does this happen?

Once I start the program, is it possible to put my studies "on pause" if other issues arise?

What courses will I have to take?

What housing options are available for graduate students?

What is the "Research Apprenticeship Requirement" and how does one meet it?

What is the completion rate for students who enroll in this program?

What is the on-campus residency requirement for the Hybrid degree?

What is the preliminary exam based on, and how does it get administered?

What is the schedule of courses to be taken for the Hybrid degree?

When do I have to be on campus for the Hybrid program?


For whom is this program designed?

How can I learn more about existing students?

How long does it typically take to complete the program?

Features and Benefits

Do EPET doctoral students get experience teaching undergraduate classes?

Does the EPET program offer its doctoral program on-line?

What makes MSU's program different from related doctoral programs at other universities?

Where can I read about the program online?

Where do graduates go when they complete the program?