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Financial Information

Every year the College of Education awards millions of dollars to graduate students through an array of fellowships, scholarships, and graduate teaching and research assistantships. The awards range from small tuition scholarships to multi-year packages that can provide annual benefits in excess of $23,000 plus tuition and medical benefits. Both entering and continuing students are eligible for these awards, although specific awards are targeted to different groups of students. Most funding is reserved for doctoral students, but full-time master’s degree candidates can be considered for both fellowship funding and assistantship appointments. The college typically awards about 400 research and teaching assistantships and more than 300 fellowships to graduate students.

Once on campus, a student’s academic advisor can offer additional suggestions regarding assistantships. The College of Education Web site details all graduate assistantships. If a student is interested in a research assistantship, this interest should be shared with faculty members. In addition, Summer Research, and Dissertation Completion Fellowship programs provide exceptional financial support to conduct research. fellowships provide exceptional financial support to conduct research.

Financial aid programs described here are all administered through Michigan State University and/or the College of Education. Other external sources of financial aid that may be of special interest to its graduate students will be posted on the college Web site as they become available.