Master’s (MAET)

We offer the Master’s in Educational Technology (MAET) completely online. Educational professionals from all over the globe are a part of the MAET online community.




MAET Online students MUST take the following courses:

CEP 800
CEP 822
CEP 807

Many students who are K12 teachers in Michigan complete the NP Endorsement as a part of their degree program plan. Students can also integrate a Graduate Certificate credential into their degree program.

We are pleased to announce we are working with the Telecommunication Department on campus and you can also take the 3-course Certificate in Serious Games as electives for your MAET degree. For more information, visit the Serious Games Certificate program website.

The Serious Games Certificate is a very popular option, as are our Graduate Certificates in Educational Technology and Online Teaching and Learning.  With so many possibilities, upon admission to the program you will meet with an MAET advisor who will help you craft your unique program plan.

Why should I do it?

If you are looking for a flexible, award-winning, practitioner based program, the MAET Online option is the program for you. This degree prepares students to be thought leaders in their professional contexts. Graduates of the MAET degree become confident, capable users of a wide range of technologies in educational settings but also develop deep theoretical understandings of how, when and why to integrate technologies to support learning processes. Many of our graduates  become Technology Integration Specialists in schools and/or at the school district level, Technology Directors, Instructional Designers, Department Heads, Technology Consultants and advisors on educational technology issues in their schools and districts.

What do students say about our programs?

“The MAET program was exceptional. I made connections with instructors and students that I continue to maintain. I feel like I’ve joined a strong, well respected community of educators and I look forward to how the things I’ve learned from this degree manifest themselves in the future.”
~ 2016 Alumni Survey

“It has greatly impacted my professional life. I am a different kind of teacher after these classes. I have confidence in my ability to learn and succeed in anything I am going to teach and I believe in inquiry in a new and profound way.”
~ 2016 Alumni Survey

“I gained confidence in myself, I became a tech leader in my school, and am becoming a leader in my district.”
~ 2016 Alumni Survey

How much is it?

Please visit our Tuition page for a listing of all current tuition rates.

How long will it take me?

Students have 5 years to complete the MAET degree, though most students complete in approximately 2 years.  With so many possibilities, upon admission to the program you will meet with an MAET advisor who will help you craft your unique program plan.

Are you a MSU College of Education Teacher Education graduate? Find out more about how your Teacher Internship (TPP) Program courses can be used towards your degree.

When can I start?

We admit students to the MAET degree program on a rolling basis. Applications are reviewed on the first of each month for the next available course start times.

How do I apply?

Students should apply to the Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree program.  Specify program code #6731 on your university application form.

The GRE is not required to apply to the MAET degree program.

Please note: Michigan State University is obligated to comply with state authorization laws regarding distance education. Because of these laws, residents of some US states are not eligible to apply to online programs at MSU. For a full review of state-by-state authorization laws, please review this summary document before you apply to an online program at MSU. At present, MSU is not authorized to offer online programs/distance education to any residents of Kentucky. Some restrictions apply to residents of other states as well.