CEP 806

Learning Science with Technology

In CEP 806, we will take a close look at how technology, Internet technology in particular, can be used to create powerful and worthwhile science experiences for students. We will also consider the potential and pitfalls of students finding and using internet science information. And, we will explore the timely and important issue of how the experience of science ideas is similar and different in on-line and face-to-face interactions. We will explore the vast array of science teaching resources available through the Internet. We’ll take a look at virtual science activities, virtual field trips, journals & magazines, technology assistance, resources for students, teacher lesson ideas, and amazing science teachers. We should be clear, however, that this is not a “How To” course intended to give you piles of materials and activities that are guaranteed to work. Anyone with classroom experience knows that teaching situations vary widely and it is a matter of professional judgment as to the “best” way to create learning experiences. So, although we suggest ideas and resources for science teaching, we are expecting you to offer your own ideas and resources as well as insights from your experience. Students are required to have access to a digital camera, microphone and headset.