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MAET Student Orientation Handbook

Student Orientation Handbook

Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) Program is available only under Plan B (without thesis). The student must complete a total of 30 credits.

College of Education Graduate Forms

Forms can be found on the “Forms for Graduate Students” page of the College of Education’s website with complete directions. If you have any questions about what form is needed or how to fill out a specific form, please contact your MAET academic advisor. Below, we have linked to some of the frequent forms that our students utilize.

MAET Program Plan

Student must complete and submit an academic program plan prior to the completion of nine semester credits. Any questions regarding the program plan should be sent to the student’s advisor. Completed program plans should be submitted to edutech at msu dot edu.

Request for Extension of Time to Complete Degree Requirement

The time limit policy for completion of a master’s degree – set by the Graduate School of Michigan State University – is 5 years. The 5-year window begins with the date of the earliest credits in the degree program; this includes any transfer, Life Long or Graduate Certificate credits transferred into the degree program. Students who encounter events that make it difficult to complete the degree within 5 years can speak to their advisor about applying for a time extension.

Application for Change of Program and Status

If student has previously been admitted to a different MSU graduate degree program, he/she must file this form to apply to new degree program/change levels.

Application for Readmission

Student must apply for readmission if not enrolled for one full year.

Application for Graduation

Student must apply for graduation the first week of the semester he or she expects to complete the degree requirements.