NP Endorsement

For students in the State of Michigan who are K12 educators, the Educational Technology (NP) Endorsement can be added to either an elementary or secondary certificate. Teachers holding this endorsement are considered well-prepared to teach introductory computer-related classes for which no specific endorsement is needed. These classes include (but are not limited to) — Computers, Computer Literacy, Keyboarding, Word Processing, Computer Applications, Web Design, and Introduction to the Internet.

The NP Endorsement Program is based on a set of national standards for advanced programs from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), the same professional organization that developed the National Education Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T) and for Students (NETS). A panel of educators from higher education and K-12 examined and adapted these standards for the State of Michigan and in 2002 the State Board of Education approved the standards as foundation for all approved programs. The official State of Michigan language on the NP Endorsement documentation can be found here. (.doc file)

There is no MTTC test for the NP Endorsement. The State of Michigan performs a transcript evaluation to make sure you have completed the 7 required courses in the NP Endorsement sequence.

The NP Endorsement consists of the following courses, they do not have to be taken in sequence and can be completed online, hybrid, or overseas:

  1. CEP 810
  2. CEP 811
  3. CEP 812
  4. CEP 800
  5. CEP 815
  6. CEP 822
  7. CEP 820 (online only)

Why should I do it?

This credential signifies advanced learning in educational technology. It indicates to school administrators that you are both qualified to teach with technologies, and committed to leadership as an educational technology professional.

How much is it?

Depending on the application path you choose and where you live, tuition rates differ. Please visit our tuition page for a listing of all current tuition rates.

How long will it take me?

The NP Endorsement can be completed as a part of the MAET degree program. Students have 5 years to complete the MAET degree.  You may transfer one 3-credit course from an accredited institution into your MAET program plan.  Remember, your “academic clock” starts ticking with the date of the first course you apply to your program plan.

When can I start?

The NP Endorsement courses can be taken online, hybrid or overseas. Start dates for each program differ.  Email and we can go over all of your options for gaining the NP Endorsement.

How do I apply?

Applications for the MAET degree program will be accepted on a rolling basis, up to the first of the month before the start of the program (i.e., May 1). All information about applications to the MAET degree program can be found on our MAET Apply page.

Working in a DoDEA school? From another state?

This line of coursework may lead to the (048) Educational Technologist Endorsement for students who work for DoDEA schools. Please check with your DoDEA certification officer to confirm reciprocity. In addition, although this is a Michigan specific endorsement, many other states offer a similar endorsement. If you are certified outside of Michigan, reciprocity is not guaranteed. Your MAET advisor will help you work with your state department of education to explain the nature of the NP Endorsement to see if it is equivalent to a similar endorsement in your state. Teachers in other states who hope to add an endorsement to their certificate upon completion of the MAET need to contact their state department of education to investigate that possibility.  (See to start your exploration of licensure reciprocity.)

Past Master’s Students

The NP endorsement may be awarded to previous Master of Arts in Educational Technology students who completed the program between 2003 and 2006. Contact the program coordinator at edutech at to initiate this request. Additional course work or assignments may be required to receive the endorsement.