There is no MTTC test for the NP Endorsement. The State of Michigan performs a transcript evaluation to make sure you have completed the 7 required courses in the NP Endorsement sequence.  The 7 NP Endorsement courses are as follows:

The three courses (9 graduate credits) of the Educational Technology Certificate program:

CEP 810: Teaching for Understanding with Computers (3 credits)

CEP 811: Adapting Innovative Technologies to Education (3 credits)

CEP 812: Applying Educational Technology to Issues of Practice (3 credits)

And the following four courses (12 graduate credits) from the Master of Arts in Educational Technology program:

CEP 800: Psychology of Learning in School and Other Settings (3 credits)

CEP 815: Technology and Leadership (3 credits)

CEP 820: Teaching Students Online (3 credits)

CEP 822: Approaches to Educational Research (3 credits)

Students who complete the certificate before applying to the MAET program must apply for full admission once the Educational Technology Certificate courses have been completed. All of the above courses are a part of the MAET degree.  After completing the above courses, you only need 3 additional courses (2 electives + CEP 807) to complete the MAET degree.