Recent Doctoral Graduates

Graduates of the EPET program (and from the same program under different names) take positions in many different positions and institutions involved in research, teaching, and development in education. Many take academic positions in schools and college of education. Though it is always difficult to maintain current information on our graduate, a partial listing is given below. (Due to job changes, some of the information below may be no longer current.)

Note that MSU reports the graduation rates for 99 of its doctoral programs.

Aroutis Foster

You-kyung Lee, 2017

Michigan State University

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Aroutis Foster

Rohit Mehta, 2017

Iowa State University

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Aroutis Foster

Yi-Ling Cheng, 2016

Michigan State University

Assistant Professor

Aroutis Foster

April J. Niemela, 2016

Idaho Department of Education

Co-Director for the Idaho Coaching Network

Aroutis Foster

Min Lun Wu (Alan), 2015

Ohio University

Lecturer, Educational Studies

Kosze Lee

Julie Nurnberger-Haag, 2015

Kent State University

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Robin Fowler

Robin Fowler, 2014

University of Michigan

Lecturer IV, Technical Communication Program

Mete Akcaoglu

Mete Akcaoglu, 2013

Georgia Southern University

Assistant Professor

Penny Thompson

Penny Thompson, 2012

Oklahoma State University

Assistant Professor of Educational Technology

Mete Akcaoglu

Danah Henriksen, 2011

Arizona State University

Assistant Professor of Leadership and Innovation

Kosze Lee

Kosze Lee, 2011

University of North Florida

Assistant Professor

Benjamin Forsyth

Benjamin Forsyth, 2010

University of Northern Iowa

Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Foundations

Aroutis Foster

Aroutis Foster, 2009

Drexel University

Assistant Professor

Brian Collins

Brian Collins, 2009

New York Institute of Technology

Fei Gao

Fei Gao, 2009

Montclair State University

Instructional Designer

Joe Friedhoff

Joseph Friedhoff, 2009

Michigan Virtual University

Education Research Analyst


Alison Billman

Alison Billman, 2008

University of California, Berkeley

Literacy Curriculum & Research Specialist

Kathryn Hilden Clouse

Kathryn Hilden-Clouse, 2008

Radford University

Assistant Professor

Kathryn Hilden Clouse

Michael Phillips, 2008

University of Northern Colorado

Associate Professor

kathryn dirkin

Kathryn Dirkin, 2008

Central Michigan University

Assistant Professor

Howard Glasser

Howard Glasser, 2008

Bryn Mawr College

Postdoctoral Studies

stephen vassallo

Stephen Vassallo, 2008

American University

Assistant Professor

shenglan zhang

Shenglan Zhang, 2008

Winona State University

Assistant Professor

Yong Ham Park

Yong Han Park, 2008

University of Oregon

Research Specialist

anne moses

Anne Moses, 2007

John Carroll University

Assistant Professor

Alexa Edwards

Alexa Edwards, 2007

University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Research and Evaluation Specialist

David Gallagher

David Gallagher, 2007

Mount Saint Mary College

Assistant Professor

Kristen Perry

Kristen Perry, 2007

University of Kentucky

Assistant Professor


nick sheltrown

Nick Sheltrown, 2007

Grand Valley State University

Performance/Technology Specialist

Sean Kottke

Sean Kottke, 2007

Michigan Department of Education

Education Consultant

aman yadav

Aman Yadav, 2006

Michigan State University

Associate Professor

bo yan

Bo Yan, 2006

Blue Valley School District

Program Evaluator

Kym Buchanan

Kym Buchanan, 2006

University of Wisconsin

Assistant Professor & Associate Dean of the School of Education

Natalia Collings

Natalia Collings, 2006

Central Michigan University

Assistant Professor

scott schopieray

Scott Schopieray, 2006

Michigan State University

Directory of Technology – College of Arts & Letters


Jane Pizzolato

Jane Pizzolato, 2005


Assistant Professor

Lisa Raphael

Lisa Raphael Bogaert, 2005

SEDL Research and Evaluation

Researcher and Program Specialist

shufang shi

Shufang Shi, 2005

State University of New York at Cortland

Assistant Professor

Amanda Johnson

Amanda Jansen, 2004

University of Delaware

Associate Professor