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The Bridge: Technology Integration to Support Learning in Mathematics Classrooms

This month, The Bridge Webinar Series focuses on technology integration in mathematics classrooms. Dr. Sam Otten, Assistant Professor of Math Education at the University of Missouri will join math teachers, and MAET alumni, Elizabeth Kupiecki and Ryan Brown, for an in-depth exploration of questions such as: What is the difference between using new technology, such […]

Alumni Spotlight: Podcast with Mary Wever and Jeff Gerlach

When MAET alumni come together in conversation about learning, technologies, and design, we just have to share. In this podcast, “Classroom Cribs” finalist and MAET instructor, Mary Wever, shares the story of designing a new-to-her classroom space at Whitehills Elementary School in E. Lansing, MI with MAET alum and instructional designer, Jeff Gerlach. Using […]

The Bridge Webinar Series: Integrating Tech to Support Social Studies Instruction in K-12

Are you a Social Studies teacher? Are you responsible for thinking about technology and digital literacies integration in social studies classrooms? Are you interested in the work that MAET graduates do in classrooms, but also in other professional settings? If so, you will not want to miss the next episode of The Bridge Webinar Series.  […]

Alumni Spotlight

MAET Alumni Spotlight Questions: Allison Dailey

MAET Graduation year: May, 2010

My MAET degree was done completely through the online program. For me, the MAET program was ideal. I have never learned so much in a year and a half during my program then through any other formal education. The program was rigorous, but was ideal to my job situation and personal life. I applied directly what I learned in the program to my career and used it as a basis for teaching and exposing my students to new technologies. . .


I recently returned from my first trip to China. The purpose of my trip was to attend the Learning 2.010 conference in Shanghai which was hosted at Concordia International School. The purpose of the Learning 2.010 conference was to “explore the future of learning.” This was achieved by clustering participants into cohorts and the cohorts were supplemented with a variety of unconference sessions. All of the archives from the sessions can be found by visiting:


Summer semester is always the flurry of activity for us at MAET. Our online, on-campus and overseas cohorts are all running and the amount of activity and ideas generated comes to a heightened level of excitement. Our students give up time by the lake or sitting on the beach for screentime and discussions about technology, pedagogy and content knowledge. (Some of our ingenious students have found ways to do both at the same time!)

Instructor/Alumni Spotlight

This issue’s alumni spotlight is . . .Paula Lepore


“Path” to the MAET degree: (Overseas, Online, East Lansing Cohort, Traverse City, etc)
Applied to the Overseas program to acquire the Technology Certificate in Leysin, Switerland during the summer of 2001, then returned to complete the Masters Program (year 2 and 3) in 2007.

Instructor / Alumni Spotlight

This issue’s alumni spotlight is . . . Katrina Lehman MAET Graduation Year: 2006 Current Employer: Taos Academy, Taos, New Mexico Job Responsibilities: Developer of Enrichment and Leadership Curriculum, Instructional Adviser, Digital and Classroom Facilitator What are your “ed tech” responsibilities and challenges? Since I’m on the faculty of a small, brand new charter school, […]

Instructor/ Alumni Spotlight

This issue’s alumni spotlight is . . . Patricia Boehm Patricia, a 2006 graduate of our MAET program, recently had an article titled “Fostering Creativity While Nurturing Learners” published in the May/June 2009 issue of Knowledge Quest (KQ) from the ALA school library division, AASL (American Association of School Librarians). In addition she is working […]