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T3 Technology Tips and Tricks

Social Networking for Schools: Twiducate

Have you always wanted to incorporate social networking into your class but you are afraid of how to manage it appropriately? Or perhaps your school district has blocked most social networking sites so that you can’t even begin to incorporate it.

T3: Technology Tips and Tricks


Are you interested in having an online classroom conversation but hate the discussion forum format? Perhaps you’d like to integrate Twitter and Facebook, tools that students are already using, into the conversation. Well, you can do that with HootCourse.

Connecting with MSU

MSU was highlighted as one of the universities paving the way for social media in education. Buzz Marketing Daily recently posted a list of 6 universities that have either adjusted their curriculum or created new programs in the area of social media.

Message from the Certificate Director

BUILDING COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE THROUGH SOCIAL NETWORKING Greetings Educators, With the advent of popular social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and others we have instant access to online tools that can expand our connectivity with our friends, our peers, and those working in the same fields. Learning communities and communities of practice allow us […]


CURRENT STUDENT NEWS MAET Student Dana Dziedzic who as awarded a $2500 grant for classroom clickers based upon her Dream IT assignment she created for her East Lansing summer cohort class last summer!  Dana says “I was turned down the first time, but resubmitted it in January.  So, if students complain about the assignment, tell […]

Message from the Director

Greetings Educators, You may recall that in the last edition of our newsletter I wrote about Facebook and the role of social networking in the classroom.  I have this small obsession with keeping my Facebook paged updated regularly (daily at least) but I’m now finding that it’s important to know a bit more about the […]

Message from the Director

Is there a place for Social Networking in the classroom? Although there is so much happening in the world of technology and education I sometimes find myself challenged on what to write about. Recently I’ve become somewhat addicted to Facebook and, as I was thinking about what to write for this edition of the newsletter, […]