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A Message from the Director

Dear Friends,

What exactly is 21st Century Learning? Different people and groups seem to mean different things when they use that phrase. Some see 21st Century Learning as equivalent to integrating new Web 2.0 technologies into the curriculum, while others argue for an increased curricular emphasis on specific skills like creativity and innovation.

Q & A Ask the Experts

Question: Oftentimes I have my students collaborate on presentations to give to the class. Do you have any recommendations of some free, easy to use, web-based presentation tools?

Answer: Each day a new free, web-based presentation tool seems to crop up. So there are definitely many to choose from.

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T3 Technology Tips and Tricks

Myna – A Web Based Audio Tool

Are you looking for an easy way for your students to begin creating audio files for podcasts? Than Myna by Aviary may be the tool for you. Myna allows you to remix audio tracks, apply sound effects, and record your voice which will make creating your next podcast even easier than before. It is completely web-based so there is no need to download software onto your computer making it easier for students to create podcasts from any computer.

FYC For Your Classroom

Collaborative Tools for Learning Conference

Friday, November 13

Macomb ISD, Clinton Township, MI

The 3rd annual Collaborative Tools for Learning Conference, sponsored by the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) and hosted by the Macomb ISD, will show educators how to make use of the next generation of technologies to support student learning and achievement. A host of new tools and practices of Web 2.0 and beyond are focusing on how learners of all ages and abilities can collaborate to explore new ideas and understandings.

FYC: Text to Movie Program

TEXT TO MOVIE WEB-BASED PROGRAM Are you looking for a fun way to have your students practice their writing skills?  Check out the free web-based text to movie program called Xtra Normal.  Let’s say students just finished reading about the Revolutionary War and you want them to summarize what they learned.  You can have them […]

A Message from the MAET Director

Greetings Educators, A few weeks ago my colleague and partner in crime, Matt Koehler and I, published an article in the journal Learning and Leading with Technology, the membership magazine of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).  In this article titled, “Too Cool for School, No Way” (, we tried to make the […]

For Your Classroom

Flatten Your Classroom A few years ago Thomas Friedman wrote the international bestselling book “The World is Flat”, which examined the effects of globalization on countries, companies, and individuals.  Globalization and the latest in Web 2.0 technologies have also affected education.   A new free e-book titled “Seven Steps to Flattening Your Classroom” is based on […]

T3: Technology Tips and Tricks

Using Quia in the Classroom Two of our current Educational Technology students highlighted Quia, a company providing many different web-based tools for educators, in their Sharing Tips and Tricks section of their classes. Charles Kubolz, a Certificate student this past summer, highlighted Quia in the Sharing Tips and Tricks discussion in MACUL Space. To read […]